Freedom Crane Body

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The Freedom 9’ and 11’ DRW Steel crane body is constructed of 100%
steel. Our powder-coated corrosion resistant service body, is durable as
steel but not light duty. At Freedom Truck Equipment, we make sure our
bodies are reliable, dependable and ready for the job.

Crane Body 60" CA $19,500.00
Crane Body 84" CA $23,000.00

Tiger Crane 3216E $15,000.00 additional

Standard Features: 
Stainless Steel Hardware
Stainless Steel Chipguard – Full Height
Infinitely Adjustable Shelving
LED-lit Compartments
3-Pt Compression Door Locking System
2,000-8,000lbs Crane Capacity


Optional Features:

Gas Compressors
Rollout Drawers & Bolt Bins
Deck Covers
All-in-One Packages